Porta Tessenaca was one of the three gates in the ancient toun "Ikuvium".
According to the "Tavole Eugubine", the most important document of the Umbrian culture and the oldest sacred text of the whole Western society, these three doors had an important role during religious ceremonies and rites performed by the Umbrian to keep away bad spirits and for the goodwill of the divinities.

Porta Tessenaca was situated in the south-west part of the town walls, just where today  Via Piccardi is located. From here it is possible to enjoy the most beautiful view on the medieval town. At number 21 you can also find the "Medieval House", which is the oldest house in Gubbio.

Beside Via Piccardi there is Via Beni, where you can admire the "Orti Ghibellini", whose name comes from the Ghibellini family and the "Grande Arco", part of the royal palace  of duke Guidubaldo da Montefeltro Federico´s son.
Ristorante di Porta Tessenaca is here: between Via Piccardi and Via Beni, right where once the cellars of the Montefeltro´s palace were. In these rooms reach in history and beauty,  guests are welcomed with warm and elegance to taste the best courses of Umbrian tradition, revised with originality, creativity and refinement.
Ristorante di Porta Tessenaca is the place where to spend an evening of pleasure and enjoy excellent food